TUESDAY -  3:30 p.m.  No Other Gods by Kelly Minter -  Dethrone your modern-day idols, and experience the abundant life in Christ. Stop wasting time on the temporal, false gods, and invest in the eternal, one true god. Facilitator: Connie Penry,  Cost: $14.50


9:00 a.m. WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY - JOB: A Story of Unlikely Joy by Lisa Harper. Facilitator: Deborah Allen, Cost: $13

4:00 p.m. ADULT HANDBELLS & 6:15 p.m. BEGINNER HANDBELLS - Randy Davis. 

6:00 p.m. TREASURY OF PRAYERS - This class will be an invitation to learn about the wonders of prayer and how to use it in your life. We will learn when to pray and when to listen, to intercede, to give thanks and to keep going in the hard and difficult times.  9 Weeks  Facilitator: Imogene Martin  Cost: None

6:00 p.m. THE GOSPEL OF LUKE - Luke begins the third Gospel with these words: “I too decided, since I have examined everything carefully from the start, to write for you, excellent Theophilus (lover of God) and orderly account.” I call on all lovers of God, who want a marvelous journey, to come join this excursion with me and a few friends. You will love it! 9 Weeks  Facilitator: Pastor Bill Elwell  Cost: None         

6:00 p.m. SERIOUS ANSWERS TO HARD QUESTIONS by Bishop Kenneth Carder - Life presents us with a lot of hard questions. In this thought-provoking and inspiring course, ten leading theologians address ten issues that are obstacles to faith for many both in and outside of the church.  9 Weeks  Facilitator: Suzanne Wright  Cost: $5

6:00 p.m. Week 1 - DOING WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER BREATHING (Single and Married Millennials) - A discussion of estate and trust concepts applying to the younger generation - why you need a will, guardianship of children, trusts, personal representative/trustee responsibilities, durable power of attorney, health directives and second marriage matters.

Week 2 - MAKING SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BAG PACKED WHEN THAT DAY COMES (AND IT IS COMING) - Older Generation.  A discussion of estate and trust concepts applying to those nearing or in retirement - why you need a will, probate, title to assets, debt, asset basis, sale of home, durable power of attorney, health directives and personal representative/trustee responsibilities.

Week 3 - Budget/Cash Flow (A discussion on budget and cash flow concepts. How to develop a budget, ways to stick to it and the worry and financial freedom resulting from it). 

Facilitator: Rucker Taylor, CPA (Weeks 1-3)

Week 4 - Saving and Paying for Higher Education (A discussion of various tax opportunities and cash flow options available to parents preparing for education costs, K-12 and college). 

Week 5 - Filing your 2018 Federal Tax Return, the 2018 changes you need to know. (A discussion of the 2018 Federal Tax changes and how they will affect your tax returns going forward).

Facilitator: Earl Blackmon, CPA (Weeks 4 & 5)

Weeks 6 - 9: TBA

SATURDAY 7:00 A.M.  ENCOURAGER’S - This men’s group meets for coffee, fellowship and Bible Study. Ongoing in the Gathering Room. Facilitator: Tom Wolfe