20’s, 30’s, 40’s…we’re all working on ourselves.

A group of individuals, couples and parents who work through life and grown in their faith together. LED BY BRETT GRIDER

Biblically-Based life studies.

A fun-loving group of mostly retired “50’s & forward,” gathering for coffee & fellowship, followed by prayer and a biblical lesson. 

Ladies of all ages, both single and married. An intimate group who learns and grows from each other through sharing, listening and praying together. LED BY ROTATING CLASS MEMBERS

Men of all ages meet to grow together and to share how Christ is working through their lives. LED BY ROTATING CLASS MEMBERS

Adults of all ages attend this encouraging class which enjoys lively group discussions about God’s Word as it relates to Christian living. LED BY ED PHIPPS

Adults of all ages studying how their relationship with God can strengthen their relationship with their families and how scripture relates to everyday life. LED BY DAVID HUGGINS

S.O.S. is a class for women of all ages, both married and single.  LED BY SUZANNE WRIGH