10 Great Things About DUMC

                 TEN GREAT THINGS ABOUT THIS CHURCH                          
10. This is easy we reside in Daphne what a great place to live. Life at the bay is great!
9.  We have great Sunday School classes and small groups. This means we have great bones so people can grow their faith.
8. We have great leaders...not just good leaders but great leaders. What a great crew! 
7. The Food on Wednesday night is outstanding! Thank you Heather and her volunteers.
6. WinShape Camp and Week of Hope...two things we should celebrate. We are changing lives and building future faith legacies in youth and children. Thank you to all who participate.
5. We have so many opportunities to pray. Under all we see, this is in reality a house of prayer. Prayer changes the life of the church.
4. Our worship services...First Praise, Infuse, and Traditional Worship are wonderful. Each one brings much to our lives as a community of faith. I love all three worship services.
3. We have a strong youth ministry. Fifty gathered last Sunday night! There is much to celebrate here. I really like it!
2. We have a strong children's ministry. What a great place to laugh & learn about Christ.
1. We have a dream staff. From Robert in maintenance to Chuck on sound to Cheryl in the nursery to Heather in food service and Allison our accompanist to Margie who is a great Administrative Assistant to Lee who directs the Preschool...to the usual cast of Randy, Neil, Jenn, and Phillip who bring so very much to the table. How blessed we are. No! It is I who becomes blessed by joining their team!

Faithfully Yours,