Our Return Home

The first day of Summer. We have arrived!

 It has been a long three months since the famous Methodist Preacher Phone Call! 

Many people ask: How many times have you moved? The answer comes in weary bones and exhausted emotions. Hard to say goodbye to people, and yet; there is a certain anticipation about the future and what God offers up in the next great thing! 

This is one of my favorite parts of the world---and now everything is local! Local has a nice ring to it. Old Daphne. The Church. The Bay. Traffic!  Local seafood. Traffic!  And life under the Magnolia trees. Some of us get to live on the Eastern Shore!

Our orders are to take some time and settle in and rest---the effective date of the appointment is July 1, and we begin with worship on July 3rd. Thank you to a wonderful staff and Staff Parish Committee who have already been there for us more than we could ever deserve. Dan Morris has been a friend and gracious in the transition.

I am grateful to beloved Jim for the pickles and cucumbers sermon. He loves this church with such passion. He will help us all fall in love with it all over again.This Sunday Jeremy Steele arrives to preach. That boy is brilliant!

For now Debbie and I are going to be busy resting and unpacking a few things---slowly. Those weary bones and tired emotions need grace and rest.

In the meantime, I will sip a glass of sweet tea and look out from under the Magnolia trees...and pray for you and ask you to pray for us. Happiness abounds.

God has good days ahead of us.

Faithfully Yours (all in very soon),