Community-Wide Trunk or Treat Event

Join us October 26th for a Community-Wide Trunk or Treat!

Daphne UMC will host a community-wide Fall Festival event called "Trunk or Treat" for families within DUMC and friends from the community! If this is to be a success we will NEED YOUR HELP. Starting October 2nd, volunteers will be available throughout each service and Sunday School to sign volunteers up for this event. We specifically are praying that Sunday School classes, small groups and Bible studies will be willing to sponsor trunks of games that kids and families will be able to visit. 

We'll also need volunteers to help with our food/beverage and inflatable jump zone areas. If you are unable to join us in community service on October 26, please consider making a monetary donation to the church indicating it is for Trunk or Treat or please consider donating candy and prizes to church-wide drop off boxes. We would also appreciate those who are willing to partner with us in prayer for this event. 

If you are in need of game ideas or would like to find others to help you sponsor a trunk please simply contact the office at and we'll connect you with these resources. 

We are grateful for your willingness to partner with us for this community wide event. We are also prayerfully expectant of how God will use DUMC through Trunk or Treat!

Want to host a trunk but need some help? As you think about how you want to decorate your car for the big event consider these suggestions: 

  •  Start with a Theme – Your theme will establish everything else you do. Start by choosing a theme and then add your ideas to it!
  • Coordinate Your Costume – More than just decorating your car, consider matching your costume to the theme, too! If you have a Flintstone’s trunk – you could dress the whole family up as members of the Flintstone family! 
  • Add an Activity – Many trunk decorators have added ways for the kids to earn their candy through some sort of activity. For some trunks, the kids must search through a treasure chest of gold at their pirate-themed car, or maybe they have to throw their fishing pole into the “sea” trunk to retrieve their prize. Kids LOVE this sort of thing! 
  • Get Creative With the Candy – Depending on your theme, consider giving away candy or prizes that match the theme. For example, the Cookie Monster-themed trunk could definitely give out some cookies!
  • Make it Personal – We have lots of ideas for you below, but don’t feel limited by the examples. Think of your own favorite animals, children’s stories, movies, hobbies and more that YOU are interested!


- Ballon Pop (decorate car with tons of balloons) 
Supplies: inflated balloons, a piece of plywood, sharp object to burst balloons, prizes
Objective: to pop balloons for prizes

- Go Fish (decorate car like an ocean) 
Supplies: small fishing rods/poles, decorated fishing partition/curtain, prizes
Objective: Kids will throwing fishing line over partition and hook prizes

- Poke a Pumpkin (decorate car like a pumpkin) 
Supplies: plywood, orange plastic cups, small tack nails, tissues, rubber bands, prizes
Objective: kids will poke tissue covered cups for prizes. 

- Duck Match (decorate car like a Duck) 
Supplies: Water basin, plastic ducks, water, prizes
Objective: Kids will try to match ducks for prizes 

- Bobbing for Doughnuts (decorate care like a Doughnut) 
Supplies: Miniature Doughnuts, sticks, strings
Objective: Kids will compete with friends/family to see who can eat doughnut the fastest without using hands. 

- Sensory Treasure Hunt (decorate car like a pirate ship) 
Supplies: Sand (or some way to cover objects) small plastic pool or bin, prizes. 
Objective: Kids will hunt for prizes in the bin/pool (great for smaller kids) 

- Pumpking Bowling (decorating car like bowling alley) 
Supplies: Fairly round pumpkins, plastic bowling pins
Objective: Kids will attempt to roll pumpkins and knock down bowling pens

- Football Toss (decorate car like favorite football team) 
Supplies Plywood w/ holes (x2) for frame, Mini Footballs, Line Markers/Cones, prizes
Objective: Kids stand behind cones and toss mini footballs through holes for prizes

- Pumpkin Ring Toss (Decorate car like a pumpkin) 
Supplies: Pumpkins, large rings, prizes, cones
Objective: Kids stand behind cones and try and ring pumpkins. 

- Find the Gummy Worm (decorate care like worms) 
Supplies: Can's of Whip cream, plates, gummy worms, prizes
Objective: Kids, using no hands will use mouth to find all gummy worms. 

- Corn Toss (decorate car like farm) 
Supplies: Corn cobs, buckets, cones, prizes
Objective: Kids will stand behind cones and try and toss corn into buckets

- Spin A Prize (Decorate car like carnival) 
Supplies: Large wooden numbered board, prizes
Objective: Kids will spin for large wheel and win prizes.