What Happens Now?

In the midst of our joy over the election of Bishop Lawson Bryan of our Annual Conference and our preparation to welcome our new Episcopal Leader, Bishop David Graves; we heard the distressing news of the election of an openly gay Bishop in the Western Jurisdiction of our great church.

So what happens now? What shall we do to respond? What does that mean for all of us? Each one is a good question.

One of my favorite Bishops serves the North Carolina Conference of our great church. Please hear Bishop Hope Morgan's words:

The election in the Western Jurisdiction of a bishop who is openly gay places us in an unprecedented space. The South Central Jurisdiction has requested a Judicial Council ruling on the election.This process will unfold over the next several months.The Council of Bishops continues the process of creating a commission, β€œAn Offering For A Way Forward,” approved by the May, 2016, General Conference.

As troubling as this all seems to us, it is equally as troubling to the Bishops of our Southeastern Jurisdiction and to the President of the Council of Bishops.

Every clergy member pledges to uphold the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and to uphold the Discipline of the Church. Bishops renew those vows at their consecration. These vows are sacred.

So, we do what we have always done. We pray. We remain faithful. We support our leadership as they walk us through this difficult process.

As we worship the risen Lord every Sunday, let us move onward and celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit among us...and among our youth and children. 

Faithfully yours,